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Dance Band Memories is a live, interactive music entertainment concept with live performances of dance band era songs for Assisted Living Centers and Senior Care Facilities. During the presentations, each song is introduced with a short description of the composer and original artists. Fitting any budget, we provide everything from solo acts to jazz combos to brass ensembles up to big bands, featuring a Rat Pack Tribute Show!

Music  is  more  than  a  memory or catalyst  for enjoyment.   New research suggests that  music can have a  powerful impact  on the human psyche and in memory retrieval.  In  a  recent  interview  with Music and Memory  — a non-profit  organization  founded  by  Dan Cohen  that promotes the health benefits associated with music, we learn just how much music can do for the human soul, psyche and dementia-diagnosed loved ones we think we’ve lost.





Senior Centers

Corporate Events



Private Parties

Live Music from the Big Band Era!

1-2 Hour Presentations  ** Solo Act to Full Bands!

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